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UPDATED feb 28 2020 - v1.2 with a quick bugfix and to differentiate with the bad cracked copy floating around. Always get your free/donateware games direct from the source ;)

* TAP image now added


Warning: There was a bad cracked  copy (a copied version that has nothing to do with us and that altered code) of this game released by someone and circulated the day of this release that breaks the game, and with an infinite life trainer that prevents player from actually progressing and even passing level 1.

We have the original copy here, so obviously it's probably the best one to actually play. Thanks to all the people who support MoSoft, and who download and play this free game from here. We want you to have the best experience and this is the only webpage to get the proper game release. 

Our itch.io pages are the only place on the web with official versions available,  as with all our games, may also include future updates or material, so bookmark, follow and check back...



Jumpman. Eggbeater. Retreival. Operator.

This aerial united-suited android has 1 major ability and 1 major task: JUMP assisted by eggbeater copter module to retreive the remaining STARLITE ENERGY CAPSULES after Om City has revolted from da Overman Sector. These have been dispersed into the atmosphere after power plant 420 was destroyed. Simply control the J.E.R.O. UNIT with your joystick controller.  Alt keyboard controls with <> and the SHIFT for fire.

If you have ever fantasized about being Jumpman and H.E.R.O. all-in-one, or just wearing underoos and looking like Jumpman wearing Superman underoos inside a video game, this game is for you.

*TIP: your feet or space socks must land precisely on platforms. Watch out for the ice blocks. Anything is possible: success or failure.

PAL/NTSC Commodore 64. Or free Commodore 64 VICE emulator on any OS.


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J.E.R.O.-mosoft-2020-v1.2.d64 170 kB
jero-2020-tape-cover-full.png 2 MB
J.E.R.O.-mosoft-tnd-2020-v1.2.tap 373 kB

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面白いゲームでさえ / Even an interesting game / Nawet ciekawa gra

HI, glad you like it :) PS. You definitely want to download the new v1.2 copy now on itch.io just added (and delete your old copy!) Title screen now says "v1.2" --- J.E.R.O. and Beatnik Bert files replaced and upgraded 2.28.2020.