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Add-on levels for the Commodore 64 game, Trolley Follies

Mo's Trolley Follies Levels. I am uploading all my levels (game add-on levels only) for BlackCastle's stellar trolley/rail game, Trolley Follies, which can be found here: Black Castle Software

These levels are compatible with Trolley Follies v1.3+. I will be updating a full list of my own levels here, with a regularly updated complete reference list. Levels #15 - 19 are already included on the v1.3 release (May 2020) of Trolley Follies game disk. The files here are only 'game assets',' meaning levels that you can add to your disk (ex. LVL15, LVL16, etc) and then select and load from game main menu. As a big fan of Spinnaker's 1983 game 'Trains' and other similar conceptual, simple, brilliant, challenging and fun single-screen level games, I will be likely making many more levels, along will hopefully my kinfolk Lucki Luke. INSTRUCTIONS: On Trolley Follies program disk, copy each level .seq file and rename, as "LVL15", "LVL16", "LVL17", etc etc. The files here are appended with extra reference, such as level descriptive name, obviously for reference. Enjoy!

The first 5 levels are already included on official Black Castle v1.3 game disk, as denoted in list. (If they are not on your copy, see 'download instructions' after clicking 'Download Now' button.


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lvl15_cabintown_mo.seq 1 kB
lvl15_cabintown_mo.seq.zip 753 bytes
lvl16_daloop_mo.seq 1 kB
lvl16_daloop_mo.seq.zip 699 bytes
lvl17-duckcity_mo.seq 1 kB
lvl17-duckcity_mo.seq.zip 655 bytes
lvl18-spacemountain_mo.seq 1 kB
lvl18-spacemountain_mo.seq.zip 997 bytes
lvl19-wiglywurld_lucki-luke-mo.seq 1 kB
lvl19-wiglywurld_lucki-luke-mo.seq.zip 973 bytes