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An old-school Commodore 64 pseudo-classic sequel now in Deluxe form.

Wafers are a beloved snack cherished on both sides of the Atlantic. Enjoy this shoot 'em up snack in both flavors NTSC and PAL, disk and tape. Prepare to get wild with the joy-stick of your choice. Experience the deluxe experience lazy old-school gamers cherish with Wilds Wafers Deluxe: a game truly for the masses and not the classes.

Tested and approved on Commodore 64 emulators like VICE or real hardware.


Deep thoughts by a fellow Wild Wafers / Lazy Jones fan, from which Wild Wafers Deluxe is indeed an expansion of (the Mini-game within it)... lazyjones!,

"A great little auto-scrolling shooter. The C64 SID soundtrack is great being rendering of a popular 80s hit inspired by Visage and its classic game inspiration Lazy Jones ((1984 Terminal Software) from the mini-game within "Wild Wafers!" There are a couple things I love about this shooter besides its homage (note my own pen name!) and the fun music though. But first, a quick mention that the game starts out with the player only having 1-life, so semi-rogue like feel, which I think is good game choice given the scenario forcing adaptability to the game mechanics or quick death at first. The use of music is effective because the game is challenging at first and game be frustrating, but you are rewarded with the ability to hear the whole track helping some degree tension and momentum. It makes one really want to get through all the stages.

Also there are a few stage that have awesome super-retro spaceships that remind of Atari and early arcade but also the graphic style is reminiscent of its inspired parent mini-game and obscure classic Commodore. The "wild wafers" that scroll and twirl down the screen in your path you can either try to avoid or destroy but your a choice and timing element that is key. Some spawn mini-wafers, an obvious in-joke on its mini-game source and actual expanded design.

The wafers roll through in patterns and they are not easy to dodge or shoot given your bulky ship glides slow and heavy with a medium fire rate. But with practice you are given a rewarding experience, a satisfying one with a true sense of accomplishment when you can play through a couple type and loop back. This is not a large extended shooter but one based on a few stages and a soundtrack to match it and then a loop. If you manage to pass and loop, the tension for gaining high-score really kicks in. Very satisfactory.

So fans for fans of the 1984 UK tape classic Lazy Jones, Wild Wafers Deluxe is an essential Commodore 64 in my collection. But shoot-em-up fans might find some different with this game to add into their schmup collection."


* Requires any free C64 emulator, such as the free, cross-platform VICE emultator available on any OS and very easy to auto-load game by selecting the file or a Commodore 64.


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